Why Get Married in the City of London?

With so many different alternatives available to a couple planning their wedding why would you want to get married in the city of London? The first thing that pops into my mind is it is much more glitzy and glamorous compared to all other weddings. It sparks memories of bygone eras with tuxedos and ball gowns with luxuriousness and opulence of a substantial degree. Yummy, makes the creative dance juices all flow. On the practical side the city is far easier to access for everyone than a wedding in the country. There is far more accommodation close by that is affordable or if guests like they can travel home easily on the night if they don’t have to far to go. This also means more resources can be devoted to the wedding than the sundries of accommodation and travel.

There are a plethora of venues in the city so the competition to hold your wedding is high which gives you plenty of room for negotiation and because of the closeness of many different resources it is possible to get just about anything you desire at your wedding.

The city has a unique character with its history and architecture that offers a substantial palette for photographic exploration. This all depends on the couple, but a good photographer will have a field day and create a real sense of the occasion and timelessness. There are some unique churches and other venues to get married in where on gets a real sense of history and if you are into choir music there are many resident choirs available to add a real sense of joy at the ceremony. I first experienced a choir at a wedding about 10 years ago and was completely blown away. Suffice it to say I have now a basic appreciation of choir music that goes back to that occasion.

There are some ancient churches in the city and depending on whether you want to invite hundreds or tens of people to your wedding you can create the exact feeling you want at your wedding. I have always found weddings that are about creating the sense of history and occasion have a degree of gravitas one does not come across often these days. I find it quite refreshing when I do.

The choice of reception venue should be in keeping with the church. There are a many venues in the city that offer the modern glitzy feel and still have a strong link with history. You want to keep a themed link between the church and the reception venue to create a continuity of feeling. There is nothing worse than going to a wedding in a grand church and then down to the local pub for the reception. It leaves on with a most unsatisfactory feeling; it is almost like the wedding started with a bang and then fizzled. Problem is I go to more of those types than the really creative memory creating occasions I thoroughly enjoy. The whole wedding feel and atmosphere is a fragile thing and needs to be very definitely created and maintained through the venues and the structure of the wedding.

This is where a wedding planner can be of assistance as you need to make sure all the themes and parts of the wedding hold together and create a whole experience for the couple. After all we are making memories for a lifetime. The city with just about everything to hand offers the prospective couple a plethora of choice to create really special memory making wedding.

Understanding the Art of Link Building

In the grand art of link building all links are NOT created equal. In order to understand a little more deeply how to build links and what to look for we should first turn to the ruler of SEO – Google.

PageRank is how Google determines how important a link is. PageRank was created by Larry Page, co-creator of Google.

PR(A) = (1-d) + d(PR(t1)/C(t1) +… + PR(tn)/C(tn))

Here is the original formula posted when PageRank was first implemented. As you can see PageRank can be complicated but I will strive to keep it as simple as possible for the sake of this article. Essentially PageRank looks at the how important the site that is linking to you is. If it is very important that link to your site carries more importance or weight than if it is not. Importance is determined by how many visitors visit a site, how long they stay on the site, and how many links the site has. Relevance also plays a part. For example, if you have a website that sells blue widgets and you receive a link from a website that has ballet dancing that link will not hold as much weight as a website that reviews widgets. In addition a webpage that has many links will not offer as much link power as a site with few links. Basically if a site has five links the power of each link will be decreased.

Not Every Link is Counted By Google

Not all links are counted by Google. Google discounts links from link farms. A link farm is a website that exists for the sole purpose of giving links to other sites. Many of them also charge for links. Google has outright said that they may penalize for this.

At this point you might be thinking but what if one of these sites links to my site? Will I be penalized for someone else linking to me? The answer is no, links into a site cannot harm your site, they just will carry little or no value for your search engine results. You do need to be careful what sites you link to though. Google will absolutely penalize your site if you have too many outgoing links or if you link to questionable websites or link farms.

Link Building is an Art not a Science

The exact formula for how Google determines PageRank is not available. Google gave the initial formula and offers tips but does not divulge all of the details. Even though we don’t know all of the details we can investigate and see the cause and effect relationship. This makes link building really a mixture between an art and a science. The take home from this research and this article is that you should strive to get links from well known high PageRank sites that are related to your field or business. Oh yeah, and stay away from link farms and and link trading websites. At best they are a waste of time and at worst they may actually harm your search engine results, which is the opposite of what you want to accomplish.

Travel Industry – The New Breed of City Tour Guides

Tour Guides have a lot to complain about. Whether it is the accessibility to safe legal convenient pick up/ drop off areas, unlicensed Guides working without consequences, or a respectable minimum rate of pay that is adhered to by all, you can find Guides sharing their thoughts and planning on how to solve the complaints.

It is interesting to note that one of the direst topics is not getting much press. Are local Guides becoming obsolete? I am not talking about the old debate of Tour Managers doing the job of a local Guide. I am talking about something that can have a much greater impact on the Guiding landscape. Electronic Guides. Today’s city guide apps for smartphones are gaining in popularity as smartphone usage grows. They are cheaper than a live Tour Guide. They pause when we want to take a photo. They will endlessly repeat themselves if we did not hear the commentary over the horns of traffic. They are never overbooked and are available exactly when the clients want the information.

Imagine if you, as a Guide, had to compete with someone who had those characteristics. It is obvious that we would be seen as inferior. But since this competitor is a collection of computer programs, we maintain the one key advantage, we are alive. Nothing can beat a live, entertaining, knowledgeable, professional local Guide showing you around his or her beloved city. Or can it?

Today’s electronic city guides are GPS based and automatically tell you all about your current location. They enable you to see and save a map of your tour, add photos, travel videos and notes. All of this can then be immediately shared with friends via social media. You can also plan out your own customized tour based upon your fitness level, specific dates, and interests or download one of the growing number of quality tours directly to your iPad. If you have a question that is not part of your electronic tour, you can pause it, then Google your question. Do you want recommendations as to which cafe in the square has the best cappuccino? Of course you can ask your live Tour Guide. Otherwise an online cafe search will yield ratings with comments left by your fellow travelers. Did I mention that such a search may also yield coupons or special offers?

An electronic city guide is another avenue to satisfy a travelers hunger for knowledge. These apps are increasingly becoming integrated with the mechanics of traveling. Today, if we want to know a train schedule, or opening time of a museum, or what are the museums special exhibits, we turn to our smart phones. So it is natural that an industry has sprung up to help guide the modern traveler. One interesting part of this new industry is that some of the best touring apps are tours created by those professionals with the best knowledge, namely, local Guides.

There are many opportunities that can come about from Guides sharing their knowledge to create a City Guide app. These range from commissions to branding rights. Local Guides might make a few hundred dollars touring a group while simultaneously earning another few hundred or thousand from the download commissions of all those travelers touring around listening to them on an iPhone. When all cities have guiding apps, then the competition over which app is better for the consumer really heats up. App providers may tout the credentials of the creator of the tour, with links to the Tour Guide’s site. Or apps may find their information from local university professors or armchair Tour Guides. Hundreds of thousands of these tours are already being downloaded monthly in cities around the world. This will only increase as the city guide app industry evolves and further integrates itself into the hand, mind and pockets of travelers. What role does the professional Tour Guide play in this growing industry? Will the Tour Guides of the future be complaining that the information in the apps came from amateurs? Or will we use our share our knowledge and see this as a revenue making opportunity?

If you do not know what is coming, then you are destined to react to the effects of a situation. My advice is to understand how the competitive landscape is changing and plan for your personal success. This is just one small topic being covered in my lecture “Guiding in the Digital Age”. If you cannot make it to the World Guide Summit to hear it live, you can of course watch the video of my lecture on your smart phone. But be forewarned, I will only be answering questions from those in attendance. There still is a benefit to interacting to a live Guide.

Comsats and Link Net, a Comparison

Comsats Pakistan started its operation here in the year 1996. At the same time the company is the oldest and pioneer in the field of internet service providers. Similarly, more or less it is the backbone of the internet market of Pakistan. Its multi city approach in the country is quite successful and now operating 12 renowned cities of the country. Definitely, the main aim is to provide reliable internet products and unique services to the million of internet users in Pakistan. Its useful resource consists of more than 200 people with their unique and outstanding skills, whether it’s monitoring the complicated internet system or networking and communications across the country.

Comsats Pakistan is equipped with technology geeks. The key features are the most outstanding when it comes to comparison.

Exclusive Dialup Port:
Its’ DDP is exclusively designed for such users who always demand a 24 hours connectivity, especially news media and software houses. Really, its DDP is suitable for such users.

Web Hosting:
Comsats Pakistan is the exclusive place of web hosting, as it provides the maximum web hosting service to its valued customers in Pakistan. Obviously, such web hosting giant is quite comfortable for corporate and commercial clients.

FTP Hosting:
To enjoy the easiest, smooth and hustle free FTP hosting, then it’s better to stick with COMSATS. Otherwise you are wasting your time on internet. Defiantly, if you are able to share information in a safe and secure way, then your business will boom out.

Email Hosting:
This unique service allows you give you an ultimate freedom for the Email space which can create unlimited POP accounts.


Link.Net, the customer friendly and one of the Microsoft Gold Partner is a tough competitor in internet market of Pakistan.
To be the part of Microsoft in its global venture is a success story itself. But on the same time Link.Net Pakistan has so much to offer to the customers in the shape of diversified internet services.
These are some of the key benefits which one can enjoy with Link.Net Pakistan

Online Advertising
Residential ADSL
Link 0777
Web Development
Dedicated IP access
Shared Hosting
Data Network & VPNs
Wi-Fi Public Services
Global Connectivity

With its fast speed and reliable connectivity Link.Net is also affiliated with world famous UUNET of New York, which is one of the biggest IP providers around the globe. Similarly, Link.Net Pakistan is proposed to launch WiMax in the dominating cities of the country.

New York Hotels With Pools and Family Friendly New York City Attractions

New York City is a superb travel destination for families with children. There are many attractions and activities for kids. However, like most families travelling with children, a hotel with a pool is a major priority. As every parent knows, a nice swimming pool is not only great fun for the kids but it also serves an important benefit for parents as well… like stealing a few moments of peace. Of course, when it comes to New York City, finding New York hotels with pools is a bit more challenging, because there are surprisingly few hotels with pools. This may seem odd given the immense number of hotels in the Big Apple, but New York real estate is so expensive few do and in some cases they are literally small lap pools. Nonetheless, there are a few good choices. Below, we have listed some good family friendly New York City hotels with pools that are worth considering.

New York Hotels with Pools:

Sheraton Manhattan Hotel – Best Family Friendly New York Hotel- 790 7th Ave & 51st St, New York, N.Y. This New York Hotel is the best choice for families by far based on overall value, location and its pool. The Sheraton Manhattan Hotel offers a 4 lane, 50 foot pool which is the largest true hotel owned pool in New York City, even if it is diminutive by normal standards. For parents looking to relax, there is a good pool deck lounging are to steal a few moments of relaxation. The Sheraton Manhattan also claims the benefit of being relatively close to Broadway and Times Square.
Crown Plaza Time Square Hotel – 1605 Broadway & 49th Street, New York, N.Y. – Located in the heart of Times Square, the Crown Plaza Hotel in Times Square offers 4 lane, 55 foot pool in association with the New York Sports club. The seating and lounge deck area is limited but usable. Usually, 2 lanes are reserved for lap swimming and the others for leisure swimming, which reduces the usable size of the pool. But, this New York hotel is a good alternative choice for families that are vacationing in New York City and want to be right in the Broadway/Times Square area. Also, the Crown Plaza is a good choice for those on tighter budgets.
Le Parker Meridien Hotel- 119 W. 56th Street, New York, N.Y. – This midtown Manhattan Hotel offers a 45 foot, 3 lane pool with a very attractive and relaxing pool seating area. The views from the pool look out on to Central Park. This New York Hotel pool is small and sometimes it can get crowded, but it will do the trick. It is a good choice for families looking for an upscale family friendly New York Hotel.
Mandarin Oriental New York- 80 Columbus Circle at 60th Street, New York, N.Y. – The Mandarin Oriental is a luxury New York hotel and its pool facilities are equally sumptuous. The Mandarin Oriental probably offers the best New York City Hotel pools in terms of luxurious atmosphere. Expansive floor-to-ceiling windows provide superb views of New York City. The pool lounge area is at the Mandarin is impeccable and elegant with plush lounge chairs. Despite being the best in town, it may not be the best for a family with very “active” kids.
The Peninsula Hotel New York- 700 Fifth Avenue at 55th street, New York, N.Y. The Peninsula New York is another luxury New York Hotel with pool facilities that rival the Mandarin Oriental’s. Located on the 23rd floor of the hotel, there is a glass enclosed pool area with a chic décor that is calming and quite relaxing. At night, excellent views of the city provide an enchanting atmosphere. The pool with serve the kids well, but the parents will certainly appreciate the fine lounging area.
Millennium UN Plaza Hotel- One United Nations Plaza, New York, N.Y. – Located in the United Nations Plaza area, this New York Hotel has a 3 lane, 44 foot pool. The Millennium Plaza Hotel is a deluxe level New York Hotel located right near the United Nations Building on the east side of Midtown Manhattan. The Hotel’s pool is located on the 27th floor and provides impressive views of New York. The pool’s lounge area is a bit a little on the tight side, and is not one the more relaxing pool lounges areas available.

For those seeking more information on New York Hotels with pools, including pictures, locations, prices and real up to the minute hotel availability, a link to a web information page specific to New York Hotels with Pools is listed in the Resource section following this article.

Family Friendly New York City Attractions:

Beyond finding a family friendly New York Hotel with a pool, there are some excellent activities for kids in New York City. Rather than suffering through endless pages of listings in travel guides with questionable value and accuracy, we suggest these sure to please recommended friendly New York City attractions.

America Girl Shop -For little girls who love dolls, the American Girl store is a pure fantasy land. Resembling a high-end boutique with the latest American Girl clothes fashions, it is a shopping paradise. The American Girl Store sports a Beauty Salon for American Girl dolls with real hair stylists, salon chairs and beauty stations with the works. Upstairs, there is a Doll Hospital where you can take your Doll for any repairs or other “procedures” which might be necessary. Finally, the American Doll Store offers its own tea and dining room which is very popular for young girls celebrating their birthday in style with friends and family. The American Girl Store also used to have live theater productions themed around the American girl stories. Sadly, this closed thanks to some corporate weenie with green eye-shade. But, all in all, we think this is one of the best experience based kid stores in New York City (sorry boys, although the NBA store is probably a close second.
The Bronx Zoo – Bronx River Parkway and Boston Road, Bronx, N.Y. 10460 – {Looking for one of the world’s best zoos? Look no further than the Bronz Zoo. This New York zoo has an outstanding collection of exotic animals from around the world, including elephants, gorillas, giraffes, bears, rhinos and leopards. Getting to the Bronx Zoo from downtown Manhattan) is easy. Trains from Grand Central Station on the Metro North Line stop at the Zoo. There are also express buses that make stops along Madison Avenue which go right to the Bronx Zoo. Look for the BXM11 Buses on Madison.
The Central Park Carousel – Central Park, New York, N.Y. – The carousel in Central Park is a beautiful old fashion carousel. Continuing a tradition that remains ongoing since 1871, situated in Central Park is a beautiful 57 horse antique carousel. Ornate carved wooden horses await rides from youngsters within an old fashioned carousel building that warmly greets you on your approach. It offers a simple pleasure from times long since passed, and is a nice respite from the hustle and bustle of the day. While you are there, take advantage of the paths, garden areas and sculpted ponds inside the park. It is a wonderfully relaxing and expansive setting and leaves one wondering how such a serene pace can exist in one the largest cities in the world.
Dylan’s Candy Store – 1011 Third Avenue, New York, NY – What Willy Wonka did for the imagination; Dylan’s Candy Store does in reality. It’s a veritable wonderland of candy which will have the kid’s wide-eyed and mouths wide open with awe. New York City candy store is an absolute must visit, and parents we apologize for the post candy sugar rush that follows.
Ellen’s Stardust Dinner – 1650 Broadway, New York, N.Y. – Located in the Broadway Theater District, the Stardust Diner is a fun experience for kids and adults alike. The dinner is a retro 50’s drive-in theater theme, but the real treat is the singing wait staff. Comprised of aspiring Broadway actors, the staff will break out into a fully fledged Broadway style singing performance. The wait staff is incredibly fun and very friendly and willing to kibitz. The kids will eat it up.
Empire State Building – 350 Fifth Avenue, 33rd & 34th Street, New York, N.Y. – Visit the Empire State building and go to the observatory level for a panoramic view of New York City. A Gorilla, ala King Kong, will greet you at the entrance line to the observatory. Even though the views and sheer height are sure to be an exciting experience, it also worth trying to take a picture of the entire building from street level…keep on backing up. For a really fun time, the night before your visit bring along a DVD of the original King Kong Movie for a family movie night and then bring the kids the following day. It adds to the fun and mystique.
FAO Schwartz – 767 Fifth Avenue at 58th Street, New York, N.Y. – FAO Schwartz is the mother of all toy stores in New York’s City. Located across from Central Park, FAO Schwartz is a child’s dream come true. Offering the latest and greatest in toys, this store has something for everyone. But, perhaps the part we like the best is the extensive stuffed animal collection. A virtual Noah’s ark of stuffed animals of every kind sprawls across the main floor, including amazingly huge stuffed animals (although one wonders how you could ever transport them home). If you do venture into FAO Schwartz keep in mind you have zero likelihood of escaping without buying something and prices are not at a discount.
Grand Slam – Times Square, Broadway between 46th and 47th Street, New York, NY. – Grand Slam is a cornucopia of New York souvenirs ranging from the popular FDNY tee shirts and caps to all things you can possibly imagine that can bear a New York Yankees logo. This store is aimed a tourists but is still loads of fun for sports minded kids.
NBA Store – 666 Fifth Avenue at 52nd Street, New York, NY. – For the kid who loves basketball, this is your 3-story hops heaven. Authentic NBA merchandise is served up, including great NBA jerseys and basketball shorts. NBA players often make appearances at the NBA store and will sign autographs.
Manhattan Children’s Theater – 52 White Street (380 Broadway), New York, NY. – The Manhattan Children’s playhouse is a children’s theater that puts on child appropriate productions based on popular fairytales and children’s stories such as Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood, and the Brothers Grimm stories. These are high quality productions for youngsters, and they will captivate them.
Metropolitan Museum of Art – 1000 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. – The Metropolitan Art Museum is one the world’s greatest art museums. With an extensive collection containing many of the most famous paintings and artworks ever produced, the Museum will captivate many children, especially those with an interest in painting and art. The Egyptian, Arms and Armor, Medieval and European Painting collections will be enjoyed by the kids.
Museum of Natural History – Central Park West at 79th Street, New York, N.Y. -The Museum of Natural History is loaded with fun collections and interesting exhibits which will surely capture the fancy of any child, as well as the parents. From Egyptian mummies and sarcophagi, giant stuffed Elephants and wild beasts, dinosaur skeletons (including the now famous “Rexy” from the movie Night at the Museum which greets you at the front door), American Indian relics, totem poles and more. The Museum of Natural History is an outstanding attraction for families.
SONY Wonder Technology Lab – 550 Madison Ave. & 56th Street, New York, N.Y. – The Sony Wonder technology Lab is a wonderful interactive computer exploration environment for kids. The exhibits include creative interactive applications with cutting edge technologies, such as virtual surgery stations, animation workstations, and nanotechnology and robots stations.
Theaterworks – 121 Christopher St, New York, N.Y. – Located in Greenwich Village, Theaterworks is a highly acclaimed family oriented theater production company. Shows are available only on weekends, but the performances are top notch and highly acclaimed. Performances cover children’s classics such as Charlotte’s Web, the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and Seussical.
The New Victory Theater – 209 West 42nd Street, New York, NY. – Located in the Broadway district, the New Victory Theater is a youth theater with a little more edge to it, and probably better suited to teens and more mature children. Performances run from the macabre to the more juvenile avant garde style. The interior of the theater is stunningly ornate and with just 500 seats viewing is spectacular.

Is There a Link Between Poverty and Violence for Today’s Youth?

That is a question on the minds of many and has been the subject of numerous studies and research. The simple straightforward answer across the board is a resounding YES; there is indeed a link between poverty and violence for youth. Especially as it pertains to minorities and those in the inner cities of places like Detroit, Chicago and New York. And when you combine that with the state of our economy and the shortage or disappearance of jobs here in America you have a recipe for disaster in the “urban centers” of the mainland as precious US jobs are shipped abroad.

When one lives in poverty – as many disadvantaged minority youth of today; there is a sense of hopelessness. When this sets in, the effected group will often turn to crime as a way to balance the scale of economic parity. This in turn leads to violence. That is due to some extent, to the fact that some disgruntled minority youth deal drugs and turn to other forms of disruptive behavior in order to survive in their “underground” economic environment. This often leads to turf wars, violence relative to unpaid drug debts and so on.

And even if one doesn’t resort to peddling drugs, there is the lure of joining street gangs, most of which are inherently prone to violence. Drive by shootings, muggings and fistfights are commonplace in cities like the above mentioned New York, Chicago and Detroit. And speaking of Detroit; if you want to see just how bad the situation can get consider how the city has declared bankruptcy; exacerbating an already volatile economic dilemma. Couple that with the fact that the Motor City already had a high crime rate to begin with.

Many minority youth are also faced with a harsh reality in terms of employment by virtue of a lack of vocational/educational skills and training. They go looking for jobs in an ever shrinking job market and find that not only do they have to compete with people who have been in the job market for years and were laid off or let go. But they also come to the realization that they are in competition for jobs with a huge group of undocumented immigrants as well, many of whom are willing to work for next to nothing compared to an American citizen.

So there you have it. Situations of poverty to begin with. Not much hope of getting a job of any kind. A whole neighborhood of others in the same boat and yes, you definitely have a link between poverty and violence for today’s youth. The lure of gangs, dealing drugs, no recreational or faith based outlets in any given community is a problem. The targeting of homes, individuals and businesses for theft and vandalism or disruptive behavior, to some, becomes a way of life.

Yes, poverty and violence are indeed linked together. The crime rate and unemployment in a community, invariably, will rise together. It is certainly the hope of almost every American that one day this won’t be the case, but for now it is definitely a sad reality and cause for concern. Whether one is directly affected by it or not. Unless the powers that be in law enforcement, government, elected officials, faith based community leaders, business owners, educators and concerned parents come together to resolve this matter it will continue to wreak havoc on the plight of urban centers of America.

Do You Link Your Thoughts?

No, this is not an article about how your brain works. I’m not going to talk about the neural network that runs from the top half of your head, connecting to the sensory neuron of the tip of your toe, through your spinal cord. There’s no way I’m interested in starting a discussion on such subjects.

What I’m interested in are the questions like:

Do you link your thoughts?
What is thoughts linking?
Why should I start to link my thoughts?
How do I link my thoughts?

I’m leaving it to you to answer the first question. But I’ll try my hand on answering the remaining three questions.

2. What is thoughts linking?

Linking up thoughts is like defining a city. I’m not talking about the planning, designing, and engineering of the architectural structures around the city. Those are closer to what I’d like to put as the acts of thinking; and the buildings, highways, subways, and conservation forest are all the products of thinking. To look for the definition of a city, or rather, of a particular city, I’m looking at things like, the functionality of the buildings and engineering works around it; the interaction between people and businesses in the city, towards the city; and its relationship with its peripheral environment (i.e. the world).

I am what I think I am.

3. Why should I start to link my thoughts?

To bind the ideas of defining a city and linking thoughts together and identify its usefulness, I’ve come up with another food for your thought insight- no two cities are built the same. Hence, no two human beings link their thoughts the same way. A city can be a cosmopolis, metropolis, or a shantytown, all depend on the thinking and wills of its residents. So, to put it another way, how you link your thoughts will determine the outcome of your efforts.

You are what you think you are.

4. How do I link my thoughts?

A city has its centre, and from there it reaches out to the world through its transportation network, urban sprawl, economics system, and information technology. As a human, our center is our interests. Interests provoke desires, which then accrue drives, and finally dictate actions. So start linking your thoughts by identifying your self-interests, which can be anything from global welfare to the pursuit of your hobby like playing a musical instrument. Then recognise the thing that you desire most, e.g. financial independence, expertise on a particular subject, or happiness. Next, search for the drives you need to charge you forward. Finally, and most importantly, take action! Or else, all your interest, desire, and drive would come to nothing.

“The key to every man is his thought. Sturdy and defying though he look, he has a helm which he obeys, which is the idea after which all his facts are classified. He can only be reformed by showing him a new idea which commands his own.” Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) U.S. poet, essayist and lecturer.

Written by Malcolm Kee

Malcolm Kee is a self-motivator, who has set out to overcome his previous shortcomings in achieving his goals, like playing guitar. With a new outlook, he is determined to revive his pursuit of success, which he hopes will inspire others who has also tried and failed. The new method would be identifying drives (motivation), mind-mapping (connecting thoughts), exploring more than one aspect of life (escape narrow mindedness), and pursuing goal in a relaxed manner (have fun). You set a goal? Now it’s time to achieve it!

A Closer Look at Link Building

The Internet is like a road map with towns and cities all linked together by roads and railways. People, traffic, goods and services travel along the roads and railways to reach new destinations. Without these roads, towns and villages would be cut off, and it’s possible people might not even know they existed. Websites, in order to be visible by search engines need links coming into them so that people (and search engines) can find and get to them.

Now, imagine a large city on a road map and consider all the roads and motorways that head into the city, probably thousands of them. More people can get into the city easily. Imagine what a great place that city would be if the roads only went one way, in to the city with no need for roads back out again. It would be as if people would just turn up and like it so much they would stick around and never leave! One way links for websites also show a website to be a really great place, definitely worthy of a visit, especially if they come from other major sites (or cities).

Search engines count the number of links they find to a site. It helps them to determine the importance and popularity of that site. Generally, the more links in the better. But, some links in from large established websites will be worth more and show a lot more importance about the site they link to. Of course, these links bring traffic too, not only better search engine results.

Another way that search engines decide the strength of a link is by seeing how similar the two pages are in terms of content. Two sites with similar content will show that the author of the site recommends their visitors to look at the content on the other site. These sites will also provide the site with a better class of visitor, with more interest in what your site is about.

Link building programs help to provide your site with more traffic from other web sites and also from search engines as your site becomes more visible and grows in popularity.
It is possible to gain incoming links to your site through web directories where, in exchange, you link back to them with a reciprocal link. The links to try and get though won’t be from directories and are the links without a reciprocal link – one way links. The best links are from important, well established sites with lots of traffic that are relevant in content to your site.

Link building is an essential part of SEO and web site promotion. It can be a frustrating, repetitive task to have to do, but if your content is good enough, once you have established some traffic and some popularity, it should start to grow all by itself.

Top Ten Things to Do in the Atlantic City NJ Area

I’ve read through some of the posts on this site and it appears that the theme is a Top 10 of things to do in a city or destination. Well being a native of the Atlantic City area I thought my contribution of some golden nuggets of knowledge towards enjoying your visit while in town would serve my fellow readers best. Now on to my Top 10 Things to Do in Atlantic City. Please bare in mind that the listing does not indicate any particular order or ranking, but all told any of these ten are a perfect option when visiting the Atlantic City area.

1.Atlantic City Beaches – Going for a Walk on the Beach – Night or day, Summer or Winter, this natural beauty is something many people forget about when they think about Atlantic City. The tip here is where and when to go to the beach depending on the time of day and time of year. In the summer it’s a no brainer. I know the phrase no brainer is one of those that journalists hate, but it really is just that. Head to the neighboring city of Margate NJ. Margate is south of Atlantic City along the coast. The beaches there are just far enough from the Atlantic City beaches that the “riff raff” that may cloud the beauty of what the beach has to offer. There is no boardwalk to crowd the area, as can be found in both Atlantic City and it’s abutting neighbor Ventnor. What’s more and this is the beauty of Margate Beaches, you’ll find a plentiful selection of eye candy from all the co-eds that visit the area for the summer. Bronzed young skin bouncing with life and verve.

2.Atlantic City Golf – Many Award Winning Courses to Choose – Sure many areas claim to have golf in there area, and I’m not saying that Atlantic City is another Myrtle Beach, but the area is home to some World Wide Recognized Courses. First, the Galloway National Golf Club. The course is an 18 hole golf shrine as it winds it’s way against the back bays of the marsh as well as wooded areas. Created by World Renowned Golf Course Architect Tom Fazio, the Galloway National Golf Club is a must visit for the serious golfer visiting the area. The next is the Brigantine Links. A whole different type of play than a normal golf course, the Brigantine Links is designed in the style of Scottish Golf links and is playable almost all year round. To round out a final suggestion on a top course to visit is the Seaview Marriott Golf Resort. The club is part of one of the premiere hotel and spa facilities on the East Coast and the course captures that excellence. Any of these are great choices, but it should be noted that the area is home to well over 20 top golf courses and links to choose from an play.

3.White House Sub Shop – An argument could be made that a sandwich is just a sandwich, but for anyone that has had the opportunity to enjoy any number of selections from the White House Sub Shop on the corner of Artic and Fairmount Avenues in Atlantic City, I’m sure they would disagree. With more than a half century in the same locale and having served some of the most famous people and entertainers in the world such as Frank Sinatra, Joe DiMagio and Oprah Winfrey, and for good reason. The subs are made with a unique style Italian roll that just can’t seem to be replicated anywhere else in the world, in addition to imported high quality meats and cheeses. Some attest that the unique blend of the local water with the dough is what creates the truly unique roll. All in all, this should be a definite stop if you make your way to the city.

4.Atlantic City Entertainment – One would be remiss to not remind all of us that Atlantic City is a headlining destination. Sure the Atlantic City Casinos have had there share of licks in the past few years due to increasing competition from neighboring states, legislation such as bans on smoking and a sagging economy, but the city, it’s casinos and entertainment venues have been bringing in top headlining acts for some time. Acts such as Jerry Seinfeld, Chicago, Fleetwood Mac, Christina Aguilera and many more have donned the stages of show rooms and the Convention Center. At any given time of the year top world class headlining acts like this can be found. If you’re planning a visit to Atlantic City in the near future it would make sense to take a look at the Atlantic City Headliner Shows Schedule for up coming months to see what might tickle your fancy.

5.Somers Point Bay Avenue – All of the action of Atlantic City isn’t necessarily in the city of Atlantic City. Some fun can be found if you venture out of the city limits with only a five minute car ride. Somers Point New Jersey is a semi famous city in the area that has been known for it’s nightlife venues for sometime. The stigma attached to the bars and watering holes of Somers Point have changed over the years, from a Doo Wop scene, to a low class drinker area to a more middle class tavern style of establishments. Notable places to visit if you’re in Somers Point include the Anchorage, which has a storied history in the area, but offers some great food and great vantage of the bay, Charlies Bar, which is known for some of the most outstanding Hot Wings I’ve ever had and Caroline’s by the Bay, which is a great spot located right next to the meadows. I can’t promise that the scene won’t be wild and on occasion full with just of age drinkers, but the more so than not you’ll have a good time.

6.Ocean City Boardwalk – In the hey days of Atlantic City, the Atlantic City Boardwalk was the inspiration for the the city once being called the “World’s Playground” and for good reason. Visitors to the shore city could find almost a carnival like atmosphere where you could find daily shows of the famous diving horse to food to amusement and games for miles. That day has come and gone and nothing could replace it or the era for which it represented. The Ocean City Boardwalk, however, may not be a replacement but sure can offer a great bit of family fun. The Ocean City Boardwalk is host to great pizza in three different locations at Mack and Mangos, where a side of Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer is a fine compliment to a plethora of amusements and rides. Visitors will find ferris wheels, arcades, and water rides and the smell of cotton candy, caramel popcorn from Johnson’s and the ocean itself makes for a one of the most unique and relaxing places to visit.

7.Historic Town of Smithville – If you’re truly looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city but still be only a stones throw from the action, Smithville New Jersey and specifically the Historic Town of Smithville is a great choice. Tucked away in the Galloway Township area and about 10 minute drive from the city, you’ll find a quaint commercial area full of eateries, ponds, shops and more. I’d say this is a great spot for the romantics out there that want to give a little substance to their visit to the Atlantic City area.

8.Atlantic City Cruises – Just like the beaches of the area, many forget that the Atlantic Ocean and the surrounding bay areas offer a great diversion. Atlantic City Cruises. Cruise packages offered include Booze Cruises, Dolphin Watch, Moonlight Dance Parties and just plain old sightseeing. Cruises usually last for about 3 or so hours on average and are perfect for group plans.

9.Atlantic City Jet Skiing – One more idea keeping with the overlooked maritime theme of the area, are jet skiing and wave runner spots. The area is full of independent shops that offer rentals of jet skis and wave runners to enjoy the ocean and bay areas. Trust me this is a lot of fun.

10.Atlantic City Skyline Helicopter Tour – This attraction was recently brought to my attention and just seems like a great thing to do. The Atlantic City area with it’s wide beaches, bay and nearby wooded area is incredible to see from up above.

World’s Most Beautiful Cities

Defining a city can be difficult, but Hugh Newell Jacobson may have managed a way to do so, but describing the beauty of a city and actually naming the top most beautiful cities in a world, can be a task that can only be described as herculean. Beauty, as they say in the age old clichéd manner, lies in the eyes of the beholder and hence, this list is completely subjective.

Top Most Beautiful Cities in the World


Steeped in history, art and culture, Barcelona is a port city and the second largest city in Spain, which is also home to one of the biggest names in football, FC Barcelona. The city leads the world, where the design industry and gastronomical experimentation is concerned. The love for design is also apparent in the stunning structures that dot the city. A green cover that can be widely attributed to its 68 parks and the work hard, play hard vibe that is visible for everyone at the 7 beaches that it boasts of, Barcelona is also one of the most disabled-friendly cities in the world, thanks to the improvements it had to make in preparation for the 1992 Olympics.

Buenos Aires

The capital and the largest city of Argentina, Buenos Aires is known for its cultural vibrancy and cosmopolitan inhabitants. Porteños or people of the port as the citizens of Buenos Aires, are known to exhibit their live culture, food, fashion, and share a deep rooted love for their traditions. This city which is heralded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, was founded in 1536. Home to one of the finest opera house in the world, Teatro Colon, La Boca’s pressed tin houses, and the passionate dance, Tango, Buenos Aires, is a city that is definitely worth a visit.

Cape Town

One of the most beautiful cities in the world and also one of the most popular destinations for tourists to Africa. With beautiful beaches and the famous Table mountain, that gives a panoramic view of the city at a height of 3,500 feet above sea level, the city is an astonishing potpourri of natural beauty, brilliant architecture, with buildings constructed in the Cape Dutch style, and a rich heritage. The city is the legislative and economic capital of South Africa with a mix of people from different races inhabiting it. In the recent past, Cape Town has topped a number of lists citing the top most beautiful cities in the world.


Chi-town, Chi-city, Windy City, Second City, City of Big Shoulders; it is amazing, the number of epithets the city has been awarded with. A few people may question the inclusion of this city in the list of the most beautiful cities in the world, but this city with its cultural dynamism manages to capture the heart of anyone who visits it. A few other feathers in its cap, is that we owe the emergence of skyscrapers, deep dish pizza and America’s first African American President to the city of Chicago.


Renaissance architecture, the art capital of Italy, and World Heritage Site, Florence is widely regarded as the last preserved cradle of the Renaissance. Tourism is the most significant industry in Florence, with thousands of tourists visiting it in a single month. Historically, Florence is the first home to Italian fashion. Most world famous fashion houses, that are now situated at Milan, were first founded at Florence. The Duomo remains the architectural masterpiece in the city where one is spoiled for choice.

Hong Kong

Four of the tallest buildings in the world – need I say more about the architectural spectacle that is Hong Kong. And all these buildings are picturesquely set against a mountain as a backdrop. This city which is a special region of the People’s Republic of China, is definitely one the most beautiful cities in the world. This city is a perfect example of,’east meets west,’ blending its traditional Chinese heritage with the values that it imbibed during the British regime. Hong Kong is home to several famous martial arts performers like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan and famous directors like Wong Kar-wai.


The cultural & financial capital and the largest city in Turkey, Istanbul is an energetic city which derives its kick from the innumerable coffee houses and rooftop restaurants, that are forever brimming with people. The bazaars are forever crowded and the commuter ferries are always plying people. The architecture of the city adds to the beauty, with gorgeous domes, minarets, mosques and the most brilliant collection of frescoes which date back to the Byzantine era.


Sweeney Todd very famously sang, “There is no place like London”. Though he may have had only bad things to say about the city, we cannot stop gushing about this mega-city that was founded almost 2 millennia ago by the Romans. Art, entertainment, music, culture, literature and even films – you name it and London commands its presence in the field. From the picturesque view that the London Eye offers you, to the almost mannequin like Buckingham Palace guards and the Big Ben, London travel ensures enough tourist spots and attractions for everyone and every choice.

New York City

New York, I Love You, a recently released film pays homage to the city that is the financial capital of the U.S.A. The Big Apple is captured in its many moods and sights but the movie still fails to do justice to the city, which is definitely one of the top most beautiful cities in the world. Tom Wolfe had one famously said, “Culture just seemed to be in the air, like part of the weather”. Nothing seems truer for New York City, which can boast of being the center for several movements including the Harlem renaissance, jazz dance, hip hop and abstract expressionism. Of course, the fact that it is home to Broadway, Ellis Island, Times Square, Rockefeller Center and the Central Park is just a pleasant afterthought.


The most romantic city in the world, the home to the Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Notre Dame de Paris which have been the spectacular settings to many a movies, Paris remains ‘the city of dreams’ for most modern day tourists. Once the world leader in most cultural and artistic pursuits including movies, fashion, philosophy and even gourmet food, today Paris city is fighting a battle to maintain the cultural heritage. But that does not take away from the fact that this gorgeous city remains one of the most beautiful cities in the world and will continue to inspire writers and poets alike.

Rio de Janeiro

Carnival, Samba and a gorgeous natural coastline – Rio de Janeiro which literally means the River of January is an all year party. It is also home to the Corocvado & Sugarloaf mountains, and the statue of Christ the Redeemer, which is widely considered the largest art deco statue in the world. Today it is Brazil’s primary tourist attraction and is also the host of the 2016 summer Olympics. The city has a vibrant night life and is an attractive destination for some of the most celebrities in the world.


The city with one of the most beautiful skylines in the world. Shanghai was a hugely cosmopolitan city of China, that suffered a setback in the Mao era. Today it is back in full force, competing for the title of the most advanced cities in the world. It is economically strong, has no fewer than 18 structures that are taller than 200 meters including the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, which is almost 468 meters high. Shanghai owns the status of the cultural and economic center of East Asia.


Say Sydney and the first thing that pops into your head is the Opera house, with its expressionist modern design and shell like structure. Sydney is the topmost destinations for immigrants to Australia, which explains its multi-ethnic population. Though the recent racial attacks have been a cause of concern, it does not take away from the fact that the city still remains a tourism haven. It has a grand Mardi Gras procession and New Year fireworks display that finds its way into TV screens across the world.


Fluorescent incandescents, mind-numbing speed, technology, which to a non-Tokyokko (people of Tokyo), will seem like from a few light years in the future, the Wall Street of Japan, never-ending skyscrapers. Just a few of the many images which are symbolic of the city, Tokyo truly, in its own futuristic style deserves to be on the list of the most beautiful cities in the world. The buzz of the city seems like a cover for the movements of music, fashion, architecture, animation and most importantly Manga. The city is structured and ordered and has more restaurants with Michelin stars than Paris and London combined. It also has the distinction of being one of the most expensive cities in the world.


Visitors are always dumbfounded by this city floating on water, which has been built on 117 islands connected by 150 canals, 400 bridges and innumerable pavements. When your public transport takes the form of boats or gondolas, how can one not call it one of the most beautiful cities in the world? Historically, Venice was supposed to be the link between the East and the West. The city which has been the setting of many literary masterpieces, including Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, has been for a really long time the favorite destination of tourists.

Hope this list of most beautiful cities in the world has been illuminating to most of you. While the beauty of a place is inherent, it is the people of the city that give it the character that tourist tend to love. This may not be an all inclusive list of the most beautiful cities in the world but we have tried to make it as expansive as possible.