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A Closer Look at Link Building

The Internet is like a road map with towns and cities all linked together by roads and railways. People, traffic, goods and services travel along the roads and railways to reach new destinations. Without these roads, towns and villages would be cut off, and it’s possible people might not even know they existed. Websites, in order to be visible by search engines need links coming into them so that people (and search engines) can find and get to them.

Now, imagine a large city on a road map and consider all the roads and motorways that head into the city, probably thousands of them. More people can get into the city easily. Imagine what a great place that city would be if the roads only went one way, in to the city with no need for roads back out again. It would be as if people would just turn up and like it so much they would stick around and never leave! One way links for websites also show a website to be a really great place, definitely worthy of a visit, especially if they come from other major sites (or cities).

Search engines count the number of links they find to a site. It helps them to determine the importance and popularity of that site. Generally, the more links in the better. But, some links in from large established websites will be worth more and show a lot more importance about the site they link to. Of course, these links bring traffic too, not only better search engine results.

Another way that search engines decide the strength of a link is by seeing how similar the two pages are in terms of content. Two sites with similar content will show that the author of the site recommends their visitors to look at the content on the other site. These sites will also provide the site with a better class of visitor, with more interest in what your site is about.

Link building programs help to provide your site with more traffic from other web sites and also from search engines as your site becomes more visible and grows in popularity.
It is possible to gain incoming links to your site through web directories where, in exchange, you link back to them with a reciprocal link. The links to try and get though won’t be from directories and are the links without a reciprocal link – one way links. The best links are from important, well established sites with lots of traffic that are relevant in content to your site.